For decades the holiday table was seen as a formal affair, with a coordinated table-setting for 12 and guests spread uniformly along a rectangular mahogany table. Pa carving the turkey at the head of the table and Ma entertaining her guests at the other end, while the family dog waits ever-so-patiently for the first bits of the holiday feast to fall to the floor.  As lovely as that image seems, it’s not 1975 anymore and home designs, and its inhabitants, have changed.

Homes aren’t coming equipped with formal dining spaces any longer and the kitchen is now the hub of excitement and family meals. Open floor plans and multi-use rooms are standard issue. Dining tables come in an eye-boggling variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Non-traditional entertaining styles are common, if not necessary.  So, whether you’re holiday is formal or casual, your table rectangular or round, or your goodies served on China or paper, we’ve gathered pin-boards full of eye-candy to help you pull-together a dining space that showcases your smorgasbord of goodies and encourages long conversations with friends and relatives.

>> Dining space eye-candy 

Plus, who knows — if the décor is pleasant enough you may not mind spending hours chatting with that long lost relative that seems just a bit too weird to even be a part of your family.

{ And if you’re feeling a bit DIY’ish and creative this season, pop on over and have a look at what we’ve pinned to help you get your creative juices flowing. }