As the Memorial Day holiday creeps up on us from around the corner, many of us here in the south are already spending more time indoors for fear of melting on our beautiful patio. But in keeping in the spirit of this honorable day, lets spend what might be the last tolerable day of the season outside enjoying our friends and neighbors.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your outdoor spaces ready for the fun.

First things first.
Pop outside and see what you’ve got for seating. Take special care on the spacing of that seating. Nothing is worse than spending your day moving your legs about as though someone is walking in front of you in a movie theatre. Have the seating close enough for natural conversation but not too close that you can share a plate (unless, of course, they got the last piece of cake). If additional seating is necessary, have a BYOC (Bring your own chair) get-together. Keep the seating out of the way of the grill so the crowds awaiting the perfectly cooked burgers aren’t standing on top of your seated guests.



Cleaning and organizing.
We know this is the part that is dreaded, but it is certainly necessary for having a fun and successful party. Take a look around and organize side tables, serving areas, and garbage disposal opportunities to make sure that everyone is comfortable, has what they need, and aren’t in and out of the house like bored school kids. Get creative with your pieces as well. Non-traditional items can make excellent side tables and serving areas. See what you’ve got lying around the house and garage. Look at it sideways and upside down. Anything that is sturdy and has a flat surface will make do for a table. If nothing fits the need, come on down and say hello to us and we’ll gladly set you in the right direction. Once everything is sorted and organized, freshen everything up with a nice cleaning. Wipe off the pollen, wash cushion covers, and sweep or spray down the patio flooring (or set your bored school kid to the task).


The best designs always come together with the accessories. Just because your outdoor space is, well, outdoors, doesn’t mean that your decor options are limited. Anything with fabric is a great way to add color and coordinate multiple pieces. Throw pillows, table runners, foot stools, and table cloths with like colors, patterns, or themes will bring it all together. Lighting is important as well. Standard lighting options are necessary, particularly for the later crowd, and will need to be placed around the area. Consider purchasing the yellow-tinted bulbs that don’t attract our pesky seasonal bugs. Additional lighting, such as candles and lanterns, not only¬†supplements the traditional sources but adds to the design and ambiance of the area.

Finish off your made-over space with fresh flowers and seasonal fruit. Pops of color and grab-and-go foods are excellent additions to any space, especially those outside.

When you’re all set up and ready to go, take a few photos and send them our way. We’d love to see what you accomplished.