So you want to throw a football party (or two) but aren’t thrilled about the disruption and chaos that a house full of football fans may bring. Fear no more. We’ve put together a few tips and ideas to get you partying and BBQing your way through the football season.

| 1 | Be a mover and a shaker. – Move all items from the coffee table to the television wall unit. Shake things up a little and display those oversized coffee table books like they do in the bookstores: use book holders or even plate stands to create that Barnes & Nobles’ look. Fill in the gaps with your smaller pieces and photos.

| 2 | Get creative. – Get creative with your seating. – seating why not use ottomans and decorative step stools for additional seating? During the week, use those items as side tables or place them under your coffee table. Stop in the store to see our inventory of tables that will help you pull this off.

| 3| Cover up. – BBQ sauce, hot wings, and fizzy drinks can wreak havoc on your floors. Put an inexpensive area rug down during the season to keep your existing floors sparkling clean.