Empty nesters, divert your attention to redesigning your newly vacant room. An empty room holds endless possibilities for your home. Get the most out of this new space by making it work double-duty. The Room Exchange team has compiled a few tips to help you create a space that functions as an organized home office and comfortable guest room.


| Replace the traditional bed for a double-duty piece like a daybed or sofa-bed. Futons are a great option as well, but look for ones that fold easily and have a firm mattress. Add accent pillows to the piece to enhance the look and add support for a fully functioning seating area.

| Transform the closet into a hidden office. Wall-mounted shelves and a counter can transform an ordinary closet into a neat and organized work space. Unsightly electronic equipment and wires can be kept behind closed doors as well. When guests occupy the space, simply close the doors and your office disappears.

| Re-purpose a piece. Tight spaces and rooms that have more than one function offer you a little leeway to be creative with the pieces of furniture that you choose. Dressers, wardrobes, and sofa tables are great pieces that can be re-purposed into additional storage, a television table, or a desk. Take a fresh perspective with you when you go shopping for your next great piece.