Remember way back when you were feeling the affects of an empty house and suddenly had an extra space and simply nothing to do with it? We were there for you with tips on how to manage that Empty Nest feeling. But now that summer is here (not technically, of course, but it is Florida), and your college students are home for a few months and your relatives are heading south to enjoy the oppressive heat at our wonderful beaches and theme parks, its time to reconvert those converted spaces to indoor spaces with room to accommodate the flock.

We hope that you took our advice and purchased or repurposed pieces that could work double-duty for your space. <crossing our fingers> Now all you have to do is make them work for visitors staying more than just a night or two.

  • Take stock of your space. See what pieces are necessary and temporarily remove the ones that are not (or shuttle them into the closet). Consider moving the bed/futon/sleeper sofa to a position that will make it easy to fold/unfold everyday.
  • Fill your storage pieces with toiletries, stationery, additional bedding, and books. This serves two purposes: It makes your guests comfortable and gives them a bit of freedom to linger and enjoy their own space, and it also keeps them from having to ask you every time they need something extra.
  • Make room. Guests come with stuff and lots of it. Long-term guests are going to have months worth or items that need space and those short-term guests will suitcases full of beach gear and trinkets purchased at every tourist shop. A bedside chest, under bed storage pieces, or open shelving will fit the bill perfectly.


When you’re all set, take some photos for us so we can see how your space worked out for everyone. Enjoy your summer!